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  • Who is PRA Group Canada?

    PRA Group Canada purchases and recovers non-performing consumer receivables through customer focused approaches. They provide flexible solutions to ensure customers are treated fairly and with integrity and respect. PRA Group operates in Canada and the USA as well as in 8 countries in Europe. The corporate headquarters are in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Why does PRA Group Canada show up on my credit report?

    PRA Group Canada reports on credit reports as per the guidelines from TransUnion and Equifax.  This will show as a collection item and will indicate to lenders and financial institutions the current state of the account.

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PRA Group Canada
205-130 Dufferin Avenue
London, Ontario N6A 5R2
Suite 205 - 130 Dufferin Avenue, London, Ontario N6A 5R2
Tlf: 1.866.903.1741
Fax: 519.963.1288

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Fax: 519.963.1288

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Suite 205 - 130 Dufferin Avenue

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