We’re committed to privacy

PRA Group Canada Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards when processing and handling personal information of its customers. Maintaining the accuracy, security, and confidentiality of information under the company’s control is fundamental to our core values, and daily operations. PRA Group Canada Inc. complies with all applicable privacy laws when collecting, using, or disclosing personal information.

Our principles

1. Collect
Only collect what is needed
2. Use
Only use for the purpose needed
3. Communicate
Only communicate on a need-to-know basis
4. Retain
Limit what to retain and how
5. Delete
Delete securely when no longer needed or expired

Collection, use and communication of customer personal information.

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What personal information we collect

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Account Numbers
  • Transaction History
  • Debt Information
  • Credit Reports and Scores
  • Email addresses
  • Any Documentation Pertaining to a Customer Account

What is the purpose of collection

  • To Collect Debts
  • To Ensure Proper Identification
  • To Provide Relevant Information
  • To Update Credit Information
  • To Process Payments
  • To Manage Business Operations

With whom we communicate it

  • Employees
  • Data Service Providers
  • Collection Agencies
  • Solicitors
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Other Suppliers of Products or Services

Privacy resources