Who is PRA Group Canada Inc.?

We know life happens.

At times, customers may fall behind on financial commitments. We understand.

If you received a letter or call from us, it means your bank or creditor has made a business decision to sell your debt. The contractual agreement you had with your original lender has been transferred to us, PRA Group Canada Inc., the company to which you now owe the debt.

This website will help you understand the process, your options, and—most importantly—how we’re committed to working together to resolve your debt.

About PRA

Who is PRA Group Canada Inc.?

PRA Group Canada Inc. is one of the most established debt buyers in Canada. The Canadian organization is a subsidiary of PRA Group, Inc. – a publicly traded (Nasdaq: PRAA) company employing more than 5,000 people across the Americas and Europe and is a global leader in purchasing and servicing debt.

Founded in 1996, PRA Group has been focused on the highest levels of compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our industry. We offer our customers solutions for resolving their debt with a focus on treating customers fairly and with respect. We are committed to helping our customers find an affordable way to become debt free and design a payment plan that fits their budget.

I received a call or letter from PRA Group Canada. What do I do?

If you received a phone call or letter from us, please reach out to us. The sooner you do, the sooner we can help. The more we know about your situation, the more we can help you. Have you lost your job? Have you had unexpected expenses? Are you on a fixed income? Once we understand the issues you may have experienced, we can help you work out comfortable terms for repayment.

Why is PRA Group Canada attempting to collect my debt when they’re not the original lender?

When banks, credit card companies, and other creditors are unable to collect on an unpaid loan or purchase, they may hire a collection agency to collect on their behalf, or they may sell those debts to companies like PRA Group Canada. The debt is still yours, and it is still due. The right to collect on your account has been transferred to us. Our goal is to work collaboratively to help you resolve your debt in a way that is manageable for you.

Why is a collection agency calling me on behalf of PRA Group Canada?

PRA Group Canada employs a network of collection agencies throughout Canada to assist in collecting. These collection agencies are partners of PRA Group Canada and are authorized to work with you.

Why does PRA Group Canada show up on my credit report?

PRA Group Canada reports on credit reports as per applicable provincial legislation.

Paying your bill is easy...

Choose the best option for you. Prefer to pay by Direct Deposit, in person or Western Union? See the payment questions below for additional help.

Pay Online

Online Banking

Simply add PRA Group Canada as a payee and use your PRA Group reference number located on your notice letter as your account number.

Pay By Mail

By Mail

Make your payment out to PRA Group Canada and include your reference number. Send cheques and money orders to:

PRA Group Canada

Suite 205 - 130 Dufferin Avenue
London, ON, Canada N6A 5R2

Please note: All mail must include the Attn: T57517C line.

How do I make a payment to PRA Group Canada?

We offer a variety of options to make payment as easy and convenient as possible, including Online Banking, Mail, Pre-authorized Payment, Direct Deposit, in person or by Western Union.

Direct Deposit
Direct deposits can be made with certified funds (cash, money order, certified cheque) at any Bank of Montreal location.
Provide the teller with your reference number and request your payment to be directed to PRA Group Canada’s concentrator ID number 2646 by using their First Bank Bill Payment Service.

In Person
We are not accepting in-person payments at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Hours of Operation (EST)
Monday – Friday 8:30am–4:30pm

Western Union
Payments can be made at any Western Union branch via a money transfer. Complete a blue Quick Collect Form and make sure to include the following details:

Pay to: PRA Group Canada
Country code: PRACanada
Province: ON
Attention line: your reference number with PRA Group Canada

What repayment options do I have?

The best way to get your account settled quickly is to set up a regular payment, so you’re paying off an agreed amount at the same time every month. This makes it easy to plan ahead and budget your spending.

Payment plans
If you can’t pay off your debt in full immediately, we offer a wide variety of affordable repayment plans that can be designed to fit your budget. Call us at 1-866-903-1741 to set up a plan that’s right for you.

Individual payments
You can also make individual payments, such as a one-time payment to settle your account.

Why is it important to pay?

If your account is with PRA it is important you take the steps to resolve your outstanding account as quickly as possible as there are several benefits to having a paid account.

Benefits of a paid account can include:

  • No longer receiving collection calls or letters
  • Having your credit report updated (if applicable)
  • Receiving a letter indicating your account has been satisfied
  • You may qualify for better rates for your financing needs
  • May improve your credit health and ability to obtain financing such as credit cards, line of credit, mortgage, etc.

Refusal to pay your account with PRA Group Canada or failure to respond to communications from PRA Group Canada may ultimately lead to legal action being taken against you. If this occurs, you may be subject to wage garnishment, as well as other legal remedies available in the event a judgment is secured. In addition to the balance you owe, you would also be subject, if awarded by the court, to paying court costs as well as pre and post-judgment interest.

PRA is committed to working with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

What if I can’t pay?

PRA Group Canada has a variety of flexible repayment plans that can be designed to fit your budget. If you are unsure what is right for you or if you can’t afford to repay, please contact us to discuss your options. Avoiding your obligations may affect your credit rating, future borrowing potential and could result in further phone calls.

How do I change my payment plan amount or date?

If at any time you would like to re-evaluate your payment plan or learn more about our payment options, please contact our office at 1-866-903-1741 and an Account Representative will be able to assist you.

Debt happens.

Celebrating 20 years of helping customers find an affordable way to become debt-free.


Common questions

We’re here to help resolve any concerns you may have. Contact us ➜

I have a question about my account.

If you have received a letter or a notice and have a question, please speak with an Account Representative toll free at 1-866-903-1741 during our hours of operation.

I believe PRA Group Canada is contacting the wrong person.

If you believe PRA is contacting you in error, please speak with an Account Representative toll free at 1-866-903-1741 during our hours of operation.

Does PRA Group Canada report to the credit bureaus?

PRA Group Canada reports on credit reports as per applicable provincial legislation and guidelines from TransUnion and Equifax.

What do I do if I have filed for bankruptcy?

If you or someone else who is included on the account has filed for bankruptcy, notify us or have your Trustee notify us immediately by calling toll-free at 1-866-903-1741 during our hours of operation.

Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Trustee’s name
  • Trustee’s phone number
  • Trustee’s address
  • Bankruptcy case number

Or you can send your correspondence to:
PRA Group Canada
205 – 130 Dufferin Ave
London, ON N6A 5R2

What should I do if you initiate legal action against me?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with legal advice; however, you should not ignore such a lawsuit and should respond accordingly and within the timeframes specified in the corresponding paperwork you received.

How do I know PRA Group Canada is not a scam?

PRA Group Canada works with the Canadian credit bureaus and financial institutions, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

We're here to help.

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