Our offices are currently closed to customers. Please call the numbers below to reach an Account Representative.

If you wish to make a payment, please contact:
1-866-903-1741 for the London office. 1-877-271-8275 for the Newmarket office 1-844-203-0640 for the Montreal office Correspondence can be sent via email to info@pra-group.ca, or via fax at 1-877-616-6461.

Why is PRA Group Canada attempting to collect my debt when they’re not the original lender?

When banks, credit card companies, and other creditors are unable to collect on an unpaid loan or purchase, they may hire a collection agency to collect on their behalf, or they may sell those debts to companies like PRA Group Canada. The debt is still yours, and it is still due. The right to collect on your account has been transferred to us. Our goal is to work collaboratively to help you resolve your debt in a way that is manageable for you.

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