Our offices are currently closed to customers. Please call the numbers below to reach an Account Representative.

If you wish to make a payment, please contact:
1-866-903-1741 for the London office. 1-877-271-8275 for the Newmarket office 1-844-203-0640 for the Montreal office Correspondence can be sent via email to info@pra-group.ca, or via fax at 1-877-616-6461.

I received a text message from 772226. Is this PRA Group Canada Inc.?

If you received an SMS message from 772226, that is PRA Group Canada Inc. trying to contact you regarding your account. PRA is committed to safeguarding our customers’ information and preventing misinformation or phishing risks. PRA ensures that SMS messages are exclusively sent through our CWTA-approved short code 772226. If you receive an SMS mentioning the PRA Group that did not originate from our short code, it could be a fraudulent attempt. To confirm our short code or obtain additional information on short codes, please visit the Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association website at www.txt.ca

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